Rocket League is a leisure class game

  • Rocket League originally appeared in an independent game posture, in the first year of the line, it was "game industry Oscar," said The Game Awards 2015 as the best sports / racing game, and he was defeated Opponents are NBA2K, FIFA, live, extreme racing and other veteran word of mouth game. Coupled with the absence of uniforms in the case of a year and a half of the accumulated 30 million full platform players and 94% of the favorable rate of Steam, the game itself is no need to do more of the playability.From the "Rocket League" debut UP conference can be seen, "Rocket League" in the meaning of Tencent, not just a simple game agent. As an influential casual sports in overseas games, "Rocket League" in line with Tencent global boutique strategy Cheap Rocket League Items at the same time, also rely on this type of game-specific entertainment, laid a wide range of audience base. The casual sports game has been Tencent is very good at a field, coupled with the top domestic operating capacity, "Rocket League" national service potential conversion rate can also be a basic guarantee.
    It is "Rocket League" this game for the leisure class subversion. "Car" instead of "people" to achieve the first car to play the ball, with the player's words to describe is "both the car's stimulus, but also the game of competition." Forbes website in the description of the game developer Psyonix said: "Rocket The success of the League is the result of 'smart design decisions, perfect time points, extremely limited R & D budgets and part of luck'. In today's game play creative fall into the shackles of the era, "Rocket League" at present the current success of the dark horse at least to make people realize that the end has been subversive space.In addition, "Rocket League" who have the gaming genius of Tencent also have some help. To a certain extent, the rise of China's power in recent years and Tencent in the field of gaming development has a high degree of fit. Today's Tencent has a lot of heavyweight experience, the operating strength of the tournament has reached the world level, the most needed, it is more filled with events, as well as the development of new projects.