Wang Xiaoyu on the window to determine Tan Mei on the BMW

  • Lin Feng smile: "she is really beautiful girl, certainly someone will enjoy, now I have nothing." He reluctantly consume a few mouthfuls to go out of, Wang Xiaoyu said: "You still rewind and see their parents, love will disappear , Family is forever. "Lin Feng silently nodded, left.

    For a couple of days, Lin Feng failed to appear, Wang Xiaoyu don't know if he'd to find their parents, are not aware of if he'd to go to Tan Mei, Tan Mei originates to her!

    Open the entranceway, Wang Xiaoyu once thought he was dazzling, for the reason that eyes from the girl and his awesome face enjoy some resemblance, not similar, facing Tan Mei liver brand name, abdominal slightly uplift, clear already pregnant. "You, even married?" Wang Xiaoyu blurted out. "Tan Mei suddenly very abruptly understand the hand of Wang Xiaoyu," Lin Feng, he could be a good man, if you can, please accompany him! "

    "Ah, Pooh!" Wang Xiaoyu suddenly recovered, not surprising Tan Mei to seek out a landlord as well as their own girl, the main, her purpose turned out to locate their own alternatives. She fiercely throwing Tan Mei's hand: "Let me require to love Lin Feng could it be, you set him as what? Again as what? Lin Feng to suit your needs lost everything, you will pat ass ran, To enjoy your wealth and wealth it, Lin Feng usually do not you worry! Shameless! "She twisted into your room, heavy thrown on the threshold.

    She heard Tan Mei in the threshold low and said: "I am sorry for him, I am not good, but I have difficulties, please you, be able to to enlighten him, and much more to accompany him." Downstairs car horn Sounded, before too long, Wang Xiaoyu on the window to view Tan Mei using a BMW.

    "This may be the childhood bunny love!" Wang Xiaoyu fiercely kick the following sofa.

    In manufactured, Lin Feng bearded to knock on the threshold, his face tired with despair, and Tan Mei's light is often a world of difference. Wang Xiaoyu even think he was poor, was telling some comfort, then Lin Feng suddenly contacted: "I know why she left me, the girl with to save my mother ah!

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